Has been specially designed by us to meet the needs of large airlines.

This product is compatible with trash compactors from Iacobucci and Monogram.

Flyer Trash-Compactor-Box

Variant TT3 TT4 TTI
Filling volume 25 Liter 34 Liter 38 Liter
Max.filling weight 25 kg 34 kg 38 kg
Hight (closed) 350 mm 350 mm 380 mm
Widht  215 mm 215 mm 215 mm
Dept 340 mm 460 mm 480 mm
Internal material Single-layer corrugated cartboard Single-layer corrugated cartboard Single-layer corrugated cartboard
External material Polyethylen Single-layer corrugated cartboard Single-layer corrugated cartboard

This disposal system offers you the following advantages:

  •     The box is delivered in a folded state, meaning it has a low packaging volume
  •     The simple fold technique makes it quick and easy to assemble
  •     Two stable handles to pull the box from the compactor and to carry the filled box safely
  •     A folding lid to quickly and hygienically close the filled box
  •     High functional safety through the two-component structure
  •     The plastic film guarantees a maximum in security against perforation
  •     We offer you individual design to meet your requirements
  •     The Trash Compactor Box is environmentally friendly





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