roundliner   Roundliner

Roundliner are used for every kind of storage and transport of liquids, powders and granulates. They are ideal for all round containers, and offer optimal protection for barrels, buckets, and hobbocks. Also known as tubular bags or circular bottom bags. There are numerous different types.

materials: LDPE film, MDPE film, regenerated material, compound film
surface: lubricated or non-slip
diameter: 125 to 640 mm
established height: 300 to 1600 mm
strenght: 50 - 200 my
colour: transparent, coloured transparent, opaque
printing: up to 4 colours, flexographic printing, signature printing, embossed printing
packaging: loose in a box
types: double-fitted inside one another, with double-layered round base, with valve closing unit, with cover disc
additional qualities: anti-static, anti-blocking, anti-fog, electrical discharge capacity, meets food regulations, low flammability, UV-resistant


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