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We also produce flat double bags, box inserts double-nested, cross-bottom bags with welded corners, cross-bottom bags double-nested, garbage bags, valve bags, trapezoidal bags, flat hoods, gusseted bags, large sacks and much more.

We advise you competently on the solution of your packaging requirements and thus also contribute to highly efficient and thus cost-optimized packaging processes.

As additives, we can equip the bags / film / hose with antistatic, antiblock, antifog, electrically conductive, approved for foodstuffs, flame-retardant or UV-resistant. The surface is either slippery or non-slip. All colors in transparent, opaque or translucent are possible. On request, we can also offer full-surface needling. The needling ensures that air escapes during packaging.

We process polyolefins such as high pressure (LDPE), medium pressure (MDPE), mixed films made of the aforementioned materials as well as polypropylene (PP) and various composite films. All raw materials and masterbatches we use are certified. A REACH declaration of conformity is available for each type of raw material. Every batch delivered has a batch certificate. These are managed and monitored in our quality management system. Depending on requirements and application, also via FDA approval.

An in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified if required. Buy bags/pouches made of LDPE/MDPE/PP directly from the manufacturer.

Our PE bags products are environmentally friendly because they are 100% recyclable, rot-proof and neutral to groundwater. Polyethylene can be re-melted, i.e. it is completely recyclable and can therefore be reused in a different form. Our production waste is recycled in our own regenerated plant for reuse.

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Current Stock Items Bags/Pouches/Sacks:

ALU Flachbeutel Dreirandsiegelbeutel aus ALU-Verbundfolie 10.01348 St. 9201.750100µ
MDPEFlachbeutel natur transparent - S.Schweissung 10.010490 St. 7001.40075µ
LDPEFlachbeutel natur transparent - mit Gleitmittel S.Schweissung 10.0127.500 St. 235280180µ
PP Flachbeutel natur transparent - ohne Zusätze - 74.2591.180 St. 130430100µ
PP Flachbeutel natur transparent - ohne Zusätze - Schweissung - 74.086650 St. 170430100µ

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