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As additives, we can equip the bags / film / hose with antistatic, antiblock, antifog, electrically conductive, approved for foodstuffs, flame-retardant or UV-resistant. The surface is either slippery or non-slip. All colors in transparent, opaque or translucent are possible. On request, we can also offer full-surface needling. The needling ensures that air escapes during packaging.
We process polyolefins such as high pressure (LDPE Low Density), medium pressure (MDPE), mixed films made of the aforementioned materials as well as polypropylene (PP) and various composite films.We advise you competently on the solution of your packaging requirements and thus also contribute to highly efficient and thus cost-optimized packaging processes. These PE types differ in terms of transparency, strength or temperature resistance and are therefore suitable for different packaging solutions. All of the raw materials and masterbatches we use are certified. A REACH declaration of conformity is available for each type of raw material. Each batch delivered has a batch certificate. We can also offer you rLDPE products. Our own regeneration or premium recycling material is used here.
An in-house quality assurance system ensures that all products can be tested and certified if required.

We have been producing TOP quality from Rheinberg since 1951. Short delivery times are guaranteed. Small quantities are also possible. Buy directly from the manufacturer.

Our PE products are environmentally friendly because they are 100% recyclable, rotable and neutral to groundwater. Polyethylene can be re-melted, i.e. it is completely recyclable and can therefore be reused in a different form. Our production waste is recycled in our own regenerated plant for reuse.

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Foil names

Depending on the intended use, there are different names for foils. Here is a list of common names, materials and areas of application:

Construction film
Mainly used for covering in construction. But it is also used in trade fair construction. It is made from LDPE and mainly produced in black. Common strength is 200 my. The type 200 offered in stores corresponds to a real strength of 160 my. We also produce construction film in natural, transparent or any desired color. The film can also be ordered folded on a roll. A 4m wide film can be wound onto a 2m wide roll. But multiple folds are also possible, for example 6m with 2 side folds on a 2m roll.
Workers unrolling construction foil

      Workers unrolling construction foil, black

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Garden / greenhouse film
Often made from LDPE regrind and is usually milky transparent. Common strength is 190my and is provided with UV protection. We produce exactly according to your requirements.
Silage film
Silage film is mainly used in agriculture as an oxygen barrier. It enables grass and maize to be preserved over a long period of time. It is produced as a coex film from LDPE and metallocene. We do not process this material.
Pool film/Pond liner
Foils made of soft PVC are used for foil ponds. We do not process this material.
Roofing membrane
Roofing film is a film that is usually made of plastic and contains PU or PVC. These materials ensure that the roof membrane is very resistant and can withstand any weather without any problems.
Vapor barrier film/Fire protection film
Vapor barrier film is a flame-retardant film in accordance with DIN 4102 in category B1 or B2. Common dimensions are 4000mm with a thickness of 0.150mm. We manufacture according to your needs.
Vapor barrier film B1

   Film, flame retardant, according to DIN 4102 and EN 13501-1, class B1 or B2