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We currently have the following products in stock and can be ordered:

ALU Flachbeutel Dreirandsiegelbeutel aus ALU-Verbundfolie 10013 48 St. 920 1750 100µ
MDPEFlachbeutel natur transparent - S.Schweissung 10010 490 St. 700 1400 75µ
LDPEFlachbeutel natur transparent - mit Gleitmittel S.Schweissung 10012 7.500 St. 235 280 180µ
LDPEFolded film natur transparent - mit Antistatikum gemäß TRGS 727 - schwer entflammbar gemäß DIN 4102 - CAT B1 - 30 Meter auf der Rolle - 76001 7 Ro. 3600 0 160µ
PP Flachbeutel natur transparent - ohne Zusätze - 74259 1.180 St. 130 430 100µ
PP Flachbeutel natur transparent - ohne Zusätze - Schweissung - 74086 650 St. 170 430 100µ
VFO Flachfolie Verbundfolie innen schwarz aussen weiss - auf Rollen a 500 m gewickelt 10014 3 Ro. 600 0 110µ


The currently available stock items are also sold in smaller quantities. Please enter the stock number and the desired amount of. You will then immediately receive an offer. Buy direct from the manufacturer.

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Polymer Synthese Werk

For more than 70 years we have been producing quality products made of polyethylene in the third generation as a family company based in Rheinberg. We are the specialist for polyolefins and packaging materials. Buy bags, film and tube directly from the manufacturer. We advise you competently in solving your packaging requirements.

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We also produce flat double bags, box inserts double nested, cross bottom bags with welded and cut corners, cross bottom bags double nested, garbage bags, valve bags, trapezoidal bags, flat hoods, gusset bags, round bottom bags double nested, with a double bottom plate, or with a lid disc, Gathering hose, rider band, gusseted hose and much more. As additives, we can equip the bags with antistatic, antiblock, antifog, electrically conductive, food-safe, flame-retardant, slip-resistant or UV-resistant. Smaller quantities are also possible. Buy directly from the manufacturer.