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What is Polyethylen (PE) ?

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polyethylene chains
polyethylene chains

Polyethylene is a plastic and is divided into different types:

  • PE-HD (HDPE): high density polyethylene (0.94 – 0.97 g/cm³); the polymer chains are weakly branched together
  • PE-MD (MDPE): medium density; individual chains are somewhat more branched together.
  • PE-LD (LDPE): Here the chains are strongly intertwined, which means that the density is rather low (0.915-0.935 g/cm³).
  • PE-LLD (LLD-PE): The polyethylene is mainly linear with a few shorter branches. Density is low. PE-LD and PE-LLD are used, for example, to manufacture garbage bags.
  • PE-HMW: high molecular weight PE; means that the molecular mass is very high (500-1000 kg/mol). This is because more chains are linked together than in PE-HD, PE-LD and PE-LLD.
  • PE-UHMW: Ultra high molecular weight PE with a molecular mass of up to 6000 kg/mol.

It is used in both spray film extrusion and blown film extrusion.