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How are the dimensions of a shrink hood determined?

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Euro pallet for shrink hood
Euro pallet for shrink hood

In order to determine the dimensions of a shrink hood or box hood, it is important to calculate the optimal height.
How is the height correctly determined?

Since material is lost through the side folds of the hood, you must take this into account beforehand.

You also need an undershrinkage of about 250 mm.

Therefore, please use the following formula for the appropriate shrink hood height:

A+D+E+ 1/2 C = gives the height of the shrink hood or gusseted hood.

sample calculation

Euro pallet 1,200 x 800 mm, loaded with goods at a height of 1,000 mm.


1,250 mm (50 mm tolerance) + 850 mm (50 mm tolerance) x 1,675 mm (1,000 mm goods + half width 425 mm + 250 mm undershrink)

Dimensions of the shrink hood/flat hood:

1,250 + 850 x 1,675 mm


In this way, your products on the pallet are optimally protected from dust, dirt and moisture.

Depending on the packaged goods, we recommend a film thickness of 100 my | 125my or 150my. Shrink hoods are only manufactured by us from pure 1A material.